Wednesday, January 23, 2013

best scrambled eggs you'll ever eat

(I ate all of our eggs, so... Photo by avlxyz )

I'm very excited to share with you today a new technique I learned by watching Chef Michael Simon. The technique was included on The Chew the other day, as part of a recipe he calls "Moons Over Cleveland" - a take on the "Moons Over My Hammy" sandwich from Denny's. The show was all about comfort food/American style restaurant favorites made at home. Anyway, the sandwich, yeah, looks fine, but THE EGGS. Oh my. I don't even love scrambled eggs that much and I know why...because I was never cooking them like this!

For just a single serving, I use:

-2 eggs (organic please! seriously)
-approx. 1 tablespoon salted butter + a little extra if you want (use organic/grass fed!)
-small saucepan

Crack the eggs into a cool, non-stick saucepot and mix with a spatula. Add 2 tablespoons of butter to the pot. Place pot over a medium-high heat and stir continuously, taking the pan on and off the heat, until the eggs are creamy and scrambled. Season with salt and pepper.

Be sure not to overcook the eggs, but this technique helps prevent that better than in a skillet. I guess it's the constant stirring and the on-and-off the heat source (plus the butter) that keeps the amazing texture. Also, never add salt to your eggs prior to cooking. It apparently dries them out and then you get even drier scrambled eggs. Add seasoning at the end. Lastly, there's no cream or cheese in these. You don't need it! So they're 'healthier' (a little GOOD butter does NOT hurt you!)

I hope you'll try these. They are superbly delicious. I think they would be easy to make up in larger batches, too. Maybe 6 eggs at-a-time max though for even cooking.

This morning I had mine with cinnamon toast (even gluten-free bread tastes good toasted with cinnamon & sugar!)

Happy Breakfast!

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