Monday, August 31, 2009

My new office setup

My new office setup
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My "office" was previously set up at the dining room table. I just moved upstairs the other day in order to have a more ergonomically correct desk, but I'm loving the new scenery up here, too! I've got all my knitting and design books up here, great morning light from the window, some of my artwork, a lovely shade of robin's egg blue I painted on the walls earlier in the year, and right now a snoozing Mattie-dog. I have a bulletin board with lovely postcards, artwork, and other inspiring items above my desk. I bought a bright new chair cushion last week to make my seat more comfy.

I'm really loving the feeling of being up here in my own space and being able to have all of the things around me that trigger my creativity and remind me of all the projects and crafts I love to do. I also get a bit more exercise going up and down the stairs a million times because I've forgotten something downstairs. :)

Plus, I'm not right by the back door so I don't have to let puppies in and out all day long. I think I shall be quite productive up here surrounded by all my yarn :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Newest members of the family and the week of broken things...

Meet Salt n Pepa...they are the cutest! I found them today at Pier 1 and just had to bring them home. I am happy looking at them perched on my oven. I need their happiness after a day of technology gmail account got hacked and my phone was freaking out today. Sheesh! I need to have a break from electronics.

This is definitely the week of broken things. Our air conditioning is fixed now though!!! Pinky's car is in the shop from his little fender-bender last Friday.The plumber came to get an estimate today to fix our leaks under the house and hopefully, hopefully by September all will be repaired. It really does make you appreciate those months where stuff doesn't break as much. I think Mercury must be in retrograde or something (I heard that from a previous client of mine and I think it's good to blame things on the planets).

In good news, we're starting our monthly craft night next Thursday! The blog is a little sparse right now, but it's up. Craft Nashy

I'm very excited to go buy supplies tomorrow and then try my hand at a headband. I guess I do need to make an example first. We've gotten quite a few people interested and I'm super excited! I just hope there's no more hacking going on out there! Over it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A new little treasure

A new little treasure
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I just love my new little stone heart from Kenya...I found it at World Market yesterday. I think the little blackbird on my coffee mug likes it too. He is quite intrigued.

So, our air conditioner is broken right now in our house...but we have really lucked out because it's been SO lovely here for the past few days. Normally we would be frying with no AC in Nashville in August, but at least at night these days it's been unseasonably cool. SUCH a blessing. I still don't want to have to sit here tomorrow afternoon and wait for the plumber for 4 hours if the AC isn't fixed. Call me crazy. We're having a lot of things repaired at the house right now. We also lucked out on that with the home warranty. I know this is a super interesting are all on the edge of your seat.

Ha...ok, now I'll try to be more interesting...well, I'm not coming up with anything. You can go here and try to win some prizes though...I haven't yet, but maybe you'll have some luck!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

amazing fan-made video for Grizzly Bear

This is an amazing video. It's a fan-made video...believe it or not. Such lovely animation and craft went into this. Enjoy!

Drinks with Pris

Drinks with Pris
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Just updating with an outfit pic from Thursday evening. I love these new boyfriend style new faves. We had a lovely night at Rumours...good wine and good catching-up! Btw, the blouse, belt, and shoes are all from Goodwill. Jeans, Urban Outfitters; necklace, Forever 21.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My newest project

Sage Remedy top
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So, I'm working on two blankets right now, so of course I needed another new knitting project. I got in the sweater mood and am going to knit this cute short-sleeved sweater to wear over long-sleeved tops for the winter. I'm using Cascade 220 yarn that I bought on sale at Bliss for their last Stimulus Wednesday. I'm gonna miss those sales! The color is a muted heathered yellow. I like how the top is a little bit blousy...will look cute with skinny jeans.

It's nice to have a new sweater project. It's been a while since I've made a sweater and they really are my favorite projects to do. Today it is so lovely outside that I think I may go sit on the porch to knit a while. Yay for fall slowly approaching. It doesn't last long here in the South, so the earlier it comes, the better!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun with iPhone apps

Fun with iPhone apps
Originally uploaded by elletrain's a lovely day here in Nashville today. A little muggy from the storms last night, but we're in the South. It's gonna be humid in August.

So, I found through a lovely person on Flickr this awesome iPhone photo app yesterday, called 101 PhotoEffects. This is a pic of two cute lovebirds I took at the most adorable pet shop outside of Portland, OR. The app allowed me to do the burned edges and b&w of the photo. It's got many cool effects to add to your pics. Very fun!

I'm focusing on the cute, fun, lovely things around me after being grossed out and shivering out of my skin this morning. I will not go into detail but I will say whatever you do, DO NOT ever ever ever let coffee grinds get spilled behind your trash can in your kitchen without your knowledge. Uggghhghhghghghghhgh.....eewwwwwwwwwww. I may have nightmares, though I'm sure I'm being overly dramatic. Ick. Fortunately, I have a strong, brave, handsome boyfriend who took care of things this morning while I whined and shivered and kept getting grossed out. Eeek. Ok, no more speak of it.

I'm getting excited about our first craft night starting on September 3rd. My friend Jill (check out her cute blog!) and I are going to host a monthly evening to do crafts with friends. Our first will be headbands and hair clips adorned with feathers and buttons. Yay! Those darn things cost like $30 bucks at Urban Outfitters.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Mine has been quite good (except for the incident this morning). I've been Zumba-ing my booty off (hopefully literally) and loving every minute of it. I love exercise that doesn't feel like exercise, but feels like DANCING!!!! Perfect. Whoever invented it will get a giant smackaroo from me if I ever meet her/him. Happy Thursday folks. Get ready for the weekend! Do something crafty :) xoxo

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lovely knitting patterns

Super awesomeness if you're into knitting patterns: Twist Collective Fall 2009. Check it out and tell me your favorite pattern!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby denim pants and Sunday Fun-day

Baby denim pants
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I finished the baby pants this morning! They are freaking adorable I have to say. I washed them last night and the denim yarn really does fade like denim. Very fun. I really like the heavy feel of the yarn too...also denim-like. Just FYI, the pattern is from one of my favorite books, Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I don't know how truly last-minute any of the patterns in the book are, but they are lovely nonetheless. It was put out by the owner of Purl Soho, a shop I desperately want to visit someday.

Today's agenda will consist of the following: firstly, need to find some shoes for Zumba. I already ordered some from Zappos, but I should've known that Nike's never fit me well. Send 'em back. Secondly, P & I need to do some grocery shopping. He is very adorable and offers to do this on Sundays so we can go together. I love that. I loathe grocery shopping.

Thirdly, gonna knit with my pals this afternoon. We have been going strong for over a year now, maybe it's close to 2 years??, with our Sunday afternoon knitting group. I should probably take some pictures at some point and blog about it. They are wonderful peeps to spend some knitting time with each week!

Fourthly, and I'm positive that's a word (?), I think we shall grill our dinner this evening and hopefully play a few round of cornhole. It is a great game for a Sunday evening I think.

My current TV obsession, if I haven't mentioned it, is Dr. Who. I'm on the second season of the new version. It's incredible and I went to check out the next disc from the library because our Netflix on TiVo messed up the next episode. The darn library said they had it online but of course it wasn't there when I walked down there yesterday. Boo. I have to wait. I am very influenced by my I-need-it-now U.S. American up-bringing when it comes to things like Dr. Who. I am throwing a bit of a tantrum on the inside. I'll get over it. :)

Happy Sunday all! I hope it is filled with lovely things and relaxing fun. I hope we can get outside some as we have spent the majority of this weekend on our computers doing work. Ick. Sunday Fun-day, I must remind myself!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yay! Pig races at the fair

So, last night we headed to the Williamson County Fair. My best friend lives in Franklin and we wanted to meet up with her family and have some fun, fair-style. Before they got there we watched the Pig Races. SO freaking adorable. These little piglets got cheese curls if they won the race. Here they are speeding towards their treats!

They also had a baby goat race, a goose race, and a pot-bellied pig race. All these animals scaled off the charts for cuteness. You can tell they live in high-style too and don't lack for food and attention.

Next to the races was a tent with lots of animals...many goats, a few llamas, 3 camels, a kangaroo, some lovely adorable cows, some capibberas, a giant porcupine...we got to feed them all carrots and they were the highlight of my night. Camels are super whiskery! And adorable. There was one cute red and white cow with giant horns that would ever-so-gingerly eat a tiny carrot slice out of my hand. I almost died of cuteness.

Next we went and watched the kids ride some rides. I remember when the county fair used to be "the" thing to do...say in middle school. Now I must admit I'd never ride some of those rides I used to. The kids rode the little rides though and had a blast. Pinky got to ride a boat ride with Emma Cate and they loved it.

After rides, we went in and watched the dog trick show. It was a group of mostly border collies and Australian shepherds jumping and flipping to catch frisbees. It was so great! I always wanted to teach Mattie to do that, but she's afraid of frisbees...she runs away when I try to throw one to her...??? She loves the water hose, she's OBSESSED with the water hose.

I must say, I was quite impressed by the Wil.Co. fair. Lots to see and do even if you don't ride the rides. There wasn't much in the way of hand-made crafts, but there were plenty of other things to keep our interest (people-watching included!) We ended the night with a funnel cake, of course. Pinky's first one ever! I couldn't believe it. Now I can rest easy knowing he's had one though.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Off to the knit shop and buying a paint brush

Here is what today will consist of:
-go meet Tina at the knit shop in Brentwood and knit on some denim baby pants I'm making for a gift
-leave there and stop by a place that carries paint brushes so I can do the cutting in in the 1/2 bath I'm repainting
-come home, change, and start in on the trim and second coat of the bathroom; Pinky thinks I must only see in green b/c this is the third room in our house that will be a shade of green :)
-try to figure out how to watch Season 2 of Dr. Who while painting the bathroom...not sure how this is gonna work, but I'm gonna try

Let me just say, I LOVE these boots I have on in the photo. I bought them after a not so fun time about 5 years ago when I needed some serious retail therapy. They are my sh** kicking boots (mostly because at the time I bought them I wanted to kick the sh** out of someone!). They have become my favorite stand-bys. I never tire of them and though I'm only 5'3" they kinda make me look bad-ass. :)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Here is my latest attempt at being green...I bought a man's XL shirt at Goodwill and turned it into a skirt. I've seen many posts on CRAFT Magazine blog and elsewhere about how to do this.

I got the idea from those blogs, but then, since I hate to follow patterns or instructions, I kinda made it up on my own. I need to get some cord for the drawstring b/c I didn't cut a wide enough piece of fabric for my hand-made drawstring. It's horrible if you look close.

Essentially, you cut the bottom off of the dress shirt, under the arms, and fit it to your width by cutting some off of each side and sewing it back together. Super easy and quick. I'm just not so great at all the details yet, like neatness :)

I will attempt this again and be a little cleaner. This will make a good swimsuit cover up's a tiny bit too see-thru. I want to make a dress out of one, but haven't figured out my plan of attack on that. I'm short, but no man's dress shirt is long enough from the arms down to cover enough for me to be lady-like. Stay tuned though!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A little damask cardinal for your Monday

I was playing around on a project I'm doing and I ran across a lovely page of hand-drawn birds I downloaded a while ago. I carefully chose this beautiful cardinal and placed him on an origami paper background. I think I'll make him some friends and hang them on my wall so they can fly around together.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

In honor of shark week...(fyi explicit lyrics)

In honor of shark week, I must post this clip of Steve Zahn. Enjoy.

Youdoo Dolls

This is SUCH a cool thing! I saw it on that Dragon's Den show Pinky watches this morning. They have it for pets too. Love it!!

Tomato FESTivities

Yay for East Nashville! We are so wonderful to have such a lovely festival that the whole city attends. Believe it or not, it was my first ever Tomato Fest. I've been either an honorary-East Nashvillian or a true East Nashy for a long time and I've never been! I've always had to work or something boring like that.

Well, I wasn't disappointed yesterday, that's for sure. We were having a leisurely morning, sipping coffee and watching Top Chef Masters when I heard a banging/bumping...we paused the TV. Pinky got up to look and exclaimed "There's a parade outside our house!" I threw on something that was not my PJ's and ran outside and low and behold, there was a Tomato Fest parade...all New Orleans-style (you should pronounce that New Orleeens). It was a blast, though we really just caught the end of it.

We headed to the festival at about noon and checked out a few booths. Of course our friends at Hooprama had a lovely hoop-y booth (that's where I take Zumba classes now that I LOVE!!) We then proceeded to Red Door East to meet up with friends for a mid-day happy hour. It was nice and low-key when we got there and Trina suggested we try the Red Eyes - any lighter tasting beer mixed with a splash of Bloody Mary Mix. They were yummy! Just spicy enough.

By the time the place got packed and after bringing in some BBQ from Tom's Elite BBQ, we headed out to the Red Head contest with our friend Zak (not sure how this zack spells it...I kinda hope he's a Zak without a "c"). We watched the cutie pie red-headed kids and met our friends Matt and Leslie and headed to Rumours. There we had yummy Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonades...they were quite refreshing.

Our day finished off with a fun show by our new friends Homemade Water. We danced a bit and chatted with them and headed home to make dinnner...shrimp pasta with basil and...tomatoes of course!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Tale of the Mini-bagel

One day there was a young woman who loved bagels. She could eat them at anytime of the day, not just for breakfast. She did really enjoy them for breakfast though. There was only one problem...everyone else was so worried about the scary CARBS that came with the bagel. This young woman didn't want to be afraid of the CARBS, but everyone told her she should be. So, eventually the fear set in. "What will I eat for breakfast anymore if I'm afraid of CARBS?" she thought. Then, one day, while grocery shopping, the young woman found a package that read "Mini-Bagels." She was so excited that she jumped up and down right in the grocery store. "What a perfect solution!" she exclaimed. Then she started eating a mini-bagel every-day...and lived happily ever after. The end.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Traveling necessities

Traveling neccesities
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Traveling back to Nashville today...I've added a necessary item to the list...a ziploc bag of Reese's Puffs cereal. The other necessity in the photo is the skirt you can barely see. I've recently realized a skirt is the way to go on the plane. No annoying seams or buttons to dig into your belly or nether-regions during the lovely flight in those wonderfully cushion-y airline seats.

This trip home puts an end to all my summer travels. I sure have been a lucky girl getting to go to all these fun places this year. It was nice to wrap it up with a trip home to see the family and a few friends. Sorry to those friends I didn't get to spend any time with (like my friend Jason Miller!) but I'll be back. It was nice to hang out with your wife and bitty Miller baby...can't wait to meet the little one when it arrives!

Here are some new inspiring blogs I've found check them out. These people are so creative!

Enjoy your day! xoxo

Monday, August 3, 2009

What tha...?

What tha...?
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So, coming to you from Arkansas again today. We had a lovely 2 days in Branson, MO this weekend...complete with a trip to Silver Dollar City. Saturday before we left I went to lunch with Jon and was a great little Mexican place in Springdale. BUT...check out the menu prices on margaritas...really? Really.

$100 margarita...that's not in pesos btw...and it's NOT a pitcher. That Patron Platinum must have real platinum in it folks...crazy!! There's also an $80 margarita if you're feeling LESS spend-y. I couldn't pass up taking a picture.

Today I'm off to have coffee with my dear friend Mrs. Stephanie. She was like a third mom to me! She's the mother of one of my best friends and I sure did spend a lot of time at her house when I was growing up. After coffee with her, I'm off to another lunch with Jon and Shayla. Then, this evening, my sweet little brother and his lovely wife are cooking me dinner. What a great day! Hope you're having a great day, too :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

There's breakfast...but no milk...and long live BDS mom used to buy this cereal more often, when I was in college. I stopped by the new grocery store down the street from her house yesterday and had to get some...

Little did I know, there's no milk in the house. Boo! But all is well, Reese's Puffs are still delightful eaten in handfuls right out of the box. Good thing! I love how they tell you it's a good source of calcium & vitamin D. Whew...'cause I was buying this with vitamins in mind.

I have to tell you that you must must see my brother's band sometime, Benjamin del Shreve. They were so much fun last night! I know I'm a little biased, but after living in Nashville for so long, hearing SO many live shows (most of which were awesome and I do love my Nashvegas) it's just so rare to go to a show where you dance the whole good solid rock 'n roll.

Fellow Nashvillians...we MUST find a way to get them to come play in Nashville. If you read this and have a band or a backyard or something, set it up. K? Loves and to Branson, MO for the weekend with the fam.

"Hey man, I look good, I play guitar, can I have some money now?" - BDS