Thursday, January 3, 2013

To fringe or not to fringe...

Finished! Almost. I can't decide whether to add the fringe. I was set on adding it from the beginning, but now, I don't know. A friend suggested tassels and that has me intrigued. That might be really cute. Thoughts? I welcome input. Here are photos of other finished Lokkens...some have fringe. 

Here is my 365 Photo Challenge photo from yesterday, by the way. 

I'm taking on a fairly large project (not as easy when you're over 5 months pregnant!), but Baby Bird needed this to be painted for her room. It is such a monstrosity that the dark wood finish was just too much for what I envision to be a light, airy nursery. 

This is the dresser that actually belongs in our room, but because my dear husband bought every matching piece imaginable when he purchased his bedroom set, we didn't have room for this once we made the move out here. It's a very useful piece though and we hate to get rid of it, so painting it seemed the best option. It'll be white when I'm done with it...not sure if I'll go back and sand the edges before I put the clear coat on or not...I may test that and see how it looks. Wish me luck! 

By the way, my stepmom does a lot of refinishing of furniture and she recommended that I paint this with an edger (the red and white paint edger from Shur-line). It is amazing! How did I not know this before? I've only put the first coat on and it was a breeze on all of the flat surfaces. I highly recommend it, also.

Back for a post soon about what's on my needles, and what's about to be! Stay tuned :)


  1. Oh, I love the fringe on the black and white version! Plus, it's pretty easy to take off if you decide you don't like it. And tassels scare me a little. My vote's for fringe!

    1. Thanks for your opinion! I SO can't calls for cutting 132 strands of fringe to tie on...I may just be lazy :)