Monday, June 28, 2004

oh today

Lovely to get postings from friends! Yes Milton, of course I still love you! I understand that if your life is like mine, it's VERY busy! No rush. I'm excited to see things when they're done. You can give it to Jaime and Amber whenever you finish, if you'd like. Then send it to me. How fun, huh? If we just ever had time to work on it.

Well, things this weekend were pretty uneventful and somewhat eventful, but not exciting. Am working on a website portfolio for the company I intern for. Check it out sometime at

I worked with the IT guy and he made a cool thing to set it up with. I was officially called a web nerd the other day and am very proud of that title. Still knitting. I'm working on a bag right now from "Hollywood Knits," a great book I found online. I'm using some cool yarn that's hand painted and is 50% soy silk and 50% wool. Pretty cool. If you like knitting, check out this site for funky british knits:

Okay, well kids, off to finish the bag and cook some pork tenderloin. Anyone know how to create links on this thing? If so, please post. Love to all...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Woah...welcome to the world of blog???

Cool...never really done this, never even posted many comments, but here we go. This will be a nice way to keep in touch with pals from all over. Anyone who has tips on budgeting, cool knitting patterns/yarns, favorite fonts, cool graphic design sites, or anything artistic and interesting, please send them my way.

Somewhere along the way we have a journal that's making its way around the country (but mostly in NW Arkansas) that we're all contributing to. Everyone should start their own thing like that. It's hard with people moving, but it's a great way for women especially to share thoughts, talent, ideas, and goings-on. Okay, off to a knitting group "Stitch-N-Bitch." Welcome to my blog-- I'm really glad you're here!