Wednesday, January 2, 2013

delicious goodness

These. Are the best things I've made in a looong time, possibly ever. I made the baked donuts for New Year's Day like I posted and, oh my yumminess, they are amazing. I recommend using cake flour (it's all I had, but I think it added to their light/fluffiness). Here is the recipe again and here you can buy the donut pan (which worked great!) though the recipe says they would work fine in a muffin tin, as well. The cinnamon/sugar topping just makes them, as does the nutmeg in the batter, so don't skip either of those. Please, if you don't ever make anything else I suggest, make these! Trust me :)

P.S. Because I generally try to eat grain-free, I tried a version today using almond flour (I love Honeyville Farms' because it is finely ground). They still taste ah-mazing, but due to the lack of gluten (most likely) they fall apart and instead of swirling in butter and dipping in cinnamon/sugar, I had to brush on the butter and sprinkle them with cinnamon/sugar. I will still make this version for myself, but for company I will make the original version with cake flour.

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