Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top 11 Pregnancy Must-haves

So, instead of relying on my memory (that is already fuzzy) in a few more months, I thought, as I approach 6 months this weekend, I'd compile a list now of things I've REALLY needed thus far during my pregnancy. I hope this list is helpful to some. Everyone has suggestions for you, but these are the things I definitely want to remember next time. 

In no particular order:

-stretchy bras - don't even try to find the perfect sized underwire bra. You will most likely have to sleep in a bra EVERY night, so just buy comfy, stretchy bras that you can sleep in and later nurse in. Gap Body makes some nice ones, as do many companies. The material I'm talking about feels like thick tights. Sometimes for extra support I wear two at a time (ie. during yoga). Trust me, these are comfy around your rib cage and that's so key!

-maternity ribbed tanks, knit tees and long sleeved tees - I bought all of mine from Old Navy and I live in them. I actually need more tanks. You can wear the tanks under everything, even pre-pregnancy shirts. I bought V-neck and scoop neck knit shirts that are fitted. They are cute, inexpensive and the most comfortable things I own. You don't have to break the bank on these and they don't really look 'maternity-like.'

-fun, bold accessories - I knitted this black and grey scarf and it really adds something special and modern to a plain outfit. It's hard to be super fashionable while pregnant without spending some money, but accessories are totally the way to go. You can jazz up your plain knit tops with a cool scarf or cute knitted hat. 

-American Apparel high-waist leggings - I loved these pre-pregnancy and they are amazing for maternity leggings. They are a little pricey at $30, but they're definitely worth the bucks. The waist band really is comfortable AND actually holds them up. I haven't had this luck with other maternity leggings or low rise leggings (which are really annoying to me right now). I'll let you know how they work when I'm bigger than 6 months, but for now, they are my favorite pants ever.

-long cardigans, sweaters, or vests - like the one above. These are really helpful to hide the lines that tights, belly bands, high waist leggings, etc. might give you under your dresses and fitted tunic tops. I have an oversized brown cardigan from H&M that I wear all of the time. Vests are nice if it's not super cold or if you have a light dress like I'm wearing in the picture. Plus, the layering look is always cute to make an outfit a little more interesting.

-splurge on an awesome pair of shoes - I LOVE shoes. No, I really really love buying shoes, but I tend to find sales and not spend too terribly much per pair to justify to myself all of my purchases. I'm learning though that a nice pair of shoes is worth it, so I splurged on these Hasbeen boots. You will probably start to feel a little plain and big and unexciting, so if you like shoes, buy a fun pair. Be sure not to get them too tight because a) that would just be annoying right now and b) your feet may widen or grow a little bit from pregnancy. I've heard that wearing supportive shoes most of the time will help prevent this though (not flip flops!). These shoes make me feel super fancy and a little bit cooler each time I wear them. They're worth it. (I did find them on sale though, so you can be proud, mom).

-cinnamon toothpaste - is your friend. Mint has NOT sounded good to me at all while pregnant, but you surely don't want to neglect your teeth. While Close-Up is probably not the most amazing, new, updated toothpaste out there, it still has fluoride and protects your teeth...and doesn't make me gag :)

-prenatal yoga - do it. Seriously, it feels amazing to stretch out and know you're building some strength up for labor. I'm just doing a once a week class, but it's been really great so far. 

-Zypan (for digestion) - this is a natural supplement (from Standard Process) that aids in digestion. Seriously, it helps. My naturopath has recommended it at every visit. Of course, check the ingredients before you take them and ask your doctor. I'm not a doctor! But it is a natural supplement. Take at least one with each meal. Also, Calcium/Magnesium powder helps if you get a little stopped up. Take as directed on the bottle. It tastes kind funky, but it's lemony, so not too bad. And it really helps...I love that it's natural, as well.

Vitamin E Oil from Trader Joe's - It's only $3-something per bottle and has been recommended to me as the best thing to prevent stretch marks. You can tell it's good because of the thickness of the oil. So far so good as far as stretch marks go and I think this has something to do with it. (I know, it's mostly genetic and I'm not done with my pregnancy yet, but it definitely can't hurt to keep slathering this on!)

Prenatal massage - I had one yesterday and it was one of the most relaxing things ever. I've had a fair amount of massages, but I was really able to relax yesterday. She did the sideline method (yep, you lie on your side). Save up for a couple of these during pregnancy. Not only is it really relaxing, but you can justify it to your pocketbook by knowing that it definitely helps with circulation.

And here are a few things that really helped me when I felt so icky during the first trimester:

-lemons in your water - essential

-eating small amounts throughout the day - seriously helpful - raw trail mixes were superb, healthy, and protein-packed

-naps - oh boy, did I ever nap

-bacon - It always sounds good, but I seriously craved it. Maybe not helpful for you, but I wanted it on the list :)

-cinnamon toothpaste - I know, already on the list. It was really essential in the first few months. Cinnamon Altoids, too. So helpful.

I hope some of these things will be of use to you. Let me know if you have any must-haves for pregnancy!


  1. I read this the other night and loved it and am just now getting around to commenting... Bra recommendation: cami bra by Blue Canoe. Not cheap but organic and awesome.
    Also, if I ever do another pregnancy I'll definitely invest in one of those fancy pregnant lady body pillows. Are you needing lots of bolstering yet?

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I will check into Blue Canoe. I'm sleeping with a regular body pillow these days. I haven't seemed to need a ton of bolstering yet and I've checked out some of those fancy pillows online. I may be tempted to invest in one when I get too uncomfortable. There's a travel sized one that still looks super comfy and doesn't break the bank :)