Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Day craft project

I don't usually decorate for Valentine's Day, but today I stopped by a great paper/craft/art store called Collage and I couldn't resist the lovely Valentine's Day craft supplies. I thought last week about making some type of garland for the fireplace mantel, so that's just what I decided to do with these lovely supplies! It was SO easy and quick. What you'll need is pictured above. Both the doilies and heart stickers are Martha Stewart brand, so you should be able to find them at most craft or paper stores. You'll need bakers twine or any cute string, also found at craft stores.

1. Measure out the twine to be at least as long as your mantel with a little extra on either end for attaching and cut it at that measured point (remember you'll want it to drape down a little off of the mantel).
2. Lay out the doilies on the table in the arrangement you like. I tried not to make it too symmetrical because I don't like that, but you can lay it out however you like.
3. Put the heart stickers on the doilies to add a little color. You could also add any other adornments you want.
4. Find the middle of the string and place that point above your middle doily.
5. Cut a length of twine about 7" long for each doily.
6. With each length of string, fold it in half, place it under the long length of twine and bring the tail ends through the loop made to secure it onto the long twine at the spot above each doily. This creates a tiny knot that is also adjustable, so you don't have to perfectly adjust the doilies until you hang it. (see photos)

7. Next, tape on each doily to the end of each piece of twine. You can hang some at higher lengths and trim the ends of the twine a bit and hang others at lower lengths to add some dimension. *Be sure to tape the doilies on without twisting the short lengths of twine. They will hang better that way.

8. Secure onto your mantle with tape (or thumbtacks) and adjust any doilies that need it. Enjoy!

You could buy a second package of doilies and make these double-sided if you want. 

Happy Valentine's Day decorating everyone! Send photos if you make one of these. Happy Weekend, too! ♥

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