Thursday, January 12, 2012

Homemade almond flour crackers

So, I have been trying my best to stay on a grain-free, dairy-free diet lately. It includes a large amount of foods and is not as tough as a traditional 'diet', but it is very difficult to eat pre-packaged foods. It's great at forcing me to eat more veggies because I can't have sides like beans or white potatoes. I can eat plenty of organic, high quality lean meats and eggs and I've been encouraged to be sure to get plenty of protein throughout the day. When it comes to meals, this isn't too much of a challenge (I do miss pasta though!) But when it comes to snacking it becomes quite difficult.

I'm always looking for things that will satisfy my desire for salty snacks. I was excited to find this recipe for crackers made from almond flour. They are really good! They are not quite as crunchy as typical crackers, but I added a little more corse salt and some poppy seeds to the top of the crackers before baking and they are quite yummy! The thinner you can spread the cracker dough, the crispier they will be. Next time I might do them in 2 batches instead of one, so I can spread it really thin. Try these out! You can get really reasonably priced almond flour/meal at Trader Joe's. Even if you aren't on a diet like mine, these crackers have lots of protein and are a great, healthy snack. Enjoy!

cracker recipe

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  1. Nuts have been so hard to give up because of the Pea's peanut/tree nut allergy. I love 'em. If you're looking for a salty fix, you might also try wasabi seaweed snacks. SO GOOD. And so addictive.