Tuesday, January 24, 2012

watercolor class

I promised to show you a little of what is going on in my nature journaling/watercolor class. I am loving it so far. Last week was cancelled due to snow, but I am really loving what we have learned in just 2 short sessions so far.

1. Go slow. Take time to notice what you're looking at while you're drawing. I usually go way too fast!

2. Use borders and different text to make a page interesting. Have your art peek out of the borders. Have a theme or color scheme for each page.

3. PLAY!

Today I was drawn to warm, vibrant colors and things with texture. I think because it's so grey out today I needed to see some brightness in my journal. Btw, I made my journal last week out of sheets of good watercolor paper, some heavy book board I had saved, a 3 hole punch and some binder rings. So easy and much less expensive than buying a watercolor book. Plus I can easily affix a painting to the cover when I have something I like.

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