Saturday, March 31, 2012

One down. Lucky fishing socks.

Woah, an actual knitting post! Sweet. Here is the first of a pair of fishing socks I'm making for Pinky...we're hoping they are filled with fish-catching luck! Pattern is from Purlbee (amazingly lovely patterns) and is called Socks for Giving Away. I'm using Cascade Sport for the oatmeal color and Blue Sky Alpacas Baby Alpaca Sport (doubled for strength) for the red. I haven't made a ton of socks and I'm still figuring out gauge now that I've switched to continental style knitting. I went down 3 needle sizes than the recommended for the foot part, because I like a snug fit on the foot. They fit him well! Now, to just get that second one done. I've already cast-on, so hopefully it will get done :)

Here are a few patterns in the queue to make next, after finishing a few undone projects, of course... (we'll see!!).

What's on your needles or in your queue? I want to see!! :) Happy Weekend! Oooh, the sun is coming out! Must soak up some vitamin D!!!

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