Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday morning glow

I think one of my favorite things about this time of year is waking up in the mornings to only Christmas lights illuminating our least for the first hour or so. The glow is so lovely as I start my day, especially on the weekends. I appreciate the overcast days here in Portland most mornings, as I can ease into the day with the soft grey light and I think the Christmas lights allow me the same courtesy. 

Above is the start to my Cowboy Cowl knitting project, using the Madelinetosh loveliness I mentioned in the previous post. I'm loving this project so far and can't wait to finish. It will be stylish coziness for my neck all winter long! I also indulged by using my rosewood needles for this project. I have a few pairs of them and they don't work for everything, due to the heavy cord, but the feel is SO lovely and they glide right along as you knit. Plus, they're beautiful...

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas around here. I usually put everything up in one day, but this year I wanted to update the tree decorations, so it's taking me a little longer. I did find these great felt snowflakes at Target the other day and I'm really happy with their addition to the tree. 

I know the smart thing for me to do is to wait until AFTER Christmas to buy new decorations...I'm trying my best! 

In baby belly news, I continue to see baby bird make more of an impact on the belly every. day. Whew. I'm still amazed at this process, and honestly a little terrified at it, but am in awe that I'm actually creating a life everyday. Oh the pressure! What a wonderful time of year to be at the most enjoyable part of pregnancy. I finally have energy and feel like a normal person, with a growing belly of course...We find out the gender on December 12. I think I've mentioned that, but I am SO excited! It's great that people wait to find out, but I cannot. imagine. doing. that! I'm beside myself awaiting the news. 

Happy weekend everyone and thanks to the Gatherings Magazine Linky Party Contributors! Looking forward to finding out about all of your wonderful blogs over the next couple of days. Thanks to Liz at LizlovesVintage for hosting the link party! 


  1. Hi Laura,
    I'm so glad you decided to link up! It's great to meet you and see the artist behind it all. I wish I could knit. Your knitting looks great and the needles look awesome. I'll have to check out your ETSY shop. I have one also @ LizlovesVintage.
    Have a great weekend!
    Congats on the baby news!
    xxx Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Liz! I enjoyed seeing your lovely Christmasy post! I'll also check out your Etsy shop and if you ever want to learn to knit, we can always do a Skype lesson! Funny, I know, but I've had great success with it! Have a lovely weekend, too, and thanks again for the great link party...


  2. Hi Laura,

    You are very creative with your knitting needles! Your mantel looks so pretty with the mercury glass and I love your new snowflake ornaments. Enjoy the holiday season.