Tuesday, November 27, 2012

on the needles...and...the belly!

Woo! Got the knitting bug back, last night. My friend Gwyneth was talking about this pattern, The Cowboy Cowl, that I've wanted to make for ages. I decided I'd cast on right then! Very excited about wearing this soon! It's so so beautiful.

I'm using Madelinetosh 80/10/10 Worsted in Antique Lace for this project. It's a lovely fawn brown/grey. I believe it'll take 2 skeins. It's so soft and squishy and gorgeous. I love Madelinetosh. I would highly recommend joining their biannual sweater club if you haven't yet. I have a great stash of their yarn now in different weights and in sweater quantities, all because of the club. They let you break out the payments into a monthly payment over 6 months and you get 3 sweaters-worth of yarn per club membership. It's fantastic. Check it out here... The current club is closed, but if you sign up for updates you can get notified when the new one opens. 

In baby news, I now have a proper bump. Wow. It really just showed up this week all of a sudden. Maybe it was all of the indulging in Thanksgiving deliciousness, but I think it's actually a baby in there and it's so weird! And amazingly awesome, all at the same time. Here is proof:

Wow! And people are actually excited about seeing my belly...it's crazy, and flattering, and yes, still weird, but lovely. See the fuzzy fleece I'm wearing? Apparently baby bird is addicted to fleecy sweaters because I have purchased 2 in the last week...things I would not really have worn before, but they ARE. SO. COZY. I also scored a lovely Brigger rocking chair today for a steal at the most amazing thrift store ever near my house. It is a nice wooden, modern rocker with a light grey wool seat pad and pillows for your lower back and head. Love. it. More to come on baby in the near future, I'm sure :)

Until then, happy Christmas decorating! I'll show some lovelies I found for our tree soon...


  1. I love that cowl! So pretty. And your bump is adorable. I'm 15wks (as of tomorrow) but no bump as of yet (of course, I was much curvier to begin with - ha!)

    1. Thanks Amanda! I was amazed at how mine just showed up all of a sudden! Congrats to you and happy knitting!!

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