Saturday, November 17, 2012

create your own font

Good morning! I wanted to share a fun new activity I've been a little obsessed with the last few days. I saw Elsie's post, over on A Beautiful Mess, about an iPad app that allows you to create your own font. I tried it out and have been having a blast! I wanted to share it with you. The app is called iFontMaker

You can easily create fonts with your finger, but Elsie suggests using the Bamboo stylus for iPad so, being the designer I am,  of course I had to order one and try it out. If you really get into this I definitely suggest the stylus. It makes things much easier to control. The fonts only take about 30 minutes or so to create, maybe even less. That's what's so nice about this app is that they make it super easy. When finished, you publish a .ttf file that is easily imported into your fonts on your computer. 

Here I added some text to a picture of my sweet sleeping pup. This font I created is called Quirly. 

And here is an example of a photo of mine using one of Elsie's fonts she shared on her site. 

Lastly, here is a photo that I added text to with just my Bamboo stylus and tablet, done in Photoshop, ie. this is freehanded and not my actual font. I wanted to show the difference. I love both, but this photo took me twice as long to create, so if you're illustrating many photos it is so handy to have your own personalized font!

I'm still having fun playing around with my font creations. If I come up with some I'm really excited about, I'll be sure to share them with you! Enjoy and happy weekend!

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