Monday, August 31, 2009

My new office setup

My new office setup
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My "office" was previously set up at the dining room table. I just moved upstairs the other day in order to have a more ergonomically correct desk, but I'm loving the new scenery up here, too! I've got all my knitting and design books up here, great morning light from the window, some of my artwork, a lovely shade of robin's egg blue I painted on the walls earlier in the year, and right now a snoozing Mattie-dog. I have a bulletin board with lovely postcards, artwork, and other inspiring items above my desk. I bought a bright new chair cushion last week to make my seat more comfy.

I'm really loving the feeling of being up here in my own space and being able to have all of the things around me that trigger my creativity and remind me of all the projects and crafts I love to do. I also get a bit more exercise going up and down the stairs a million times because I've forgotten something downstairs. :)

Plus, I'm not right by the back door so I don't have to let puppies in and out all day long. I think I shall be quite productive up here surrounded by all my yarn :)

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