Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby denim pants and Sunday Fun-day

Baby denim pants
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I finished the baby pants this morning! They are freaking adorable I have to say. I washed them last night and the denim yarn really does fade like denim. Very fun. I really like the heavy feel of the yarn too...also denim-like. Just FYI, the pattern is from one of my favorite books, Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I don't know how truly last-minute any of the patterns in the book are, but they are lovely nonetheless. It was put out by the owner of Purl Soho, a shop I desperately want to visit someday.

Today's agenda will consist of the following: firstly, need to find some shoes for Zumba. I already ordered some from Zappos, but I should've known that Nike's never fit me well. Send 'em back. Secondly, P & I need to do some grocery shopping. He is very adorable and offers to do this on Sundays so we can go together. I love that. I loathe grocery shopping.

Thirdly, gonna knit with my pals this afternoon. We have been going strong for over a year now, maybe it's close to 2 years??, with our Sunday afternoon knitting group. I should probably take some pictures at some point and blog about it. They are wonderful peeps to spend some knitting time with each week!

Fourthly, and I'm positive that's a word (?), I think we shall grill our dinner this evening and hopefully play a few round of cornhole. It is a great game for a Sunday evening I think.

My current TV obsession, if I haven't mentioned it, is Dr. Who. I'm on the second season of the new version. It's incredible and I went to check out the next disc from the library because our Netflix on TiVo messed up the next episode. The darn library said they had it online but of course it wasn't there when I walked down there yesterday. Boo. I have to wait. I am very influenced by my I-need-it-now U.S. American up-bringing when it comes to things like Dr. Who. I am throwing a bit of a tantrum on the inside. I'll get over it. :)

Happy Sunday all! I hope it is filled with lovely things and relaxing fun. I hope we can get outside some as we have spent the majority of this weekend on our computers doing work. Ick. Sunday Fun-day, I must remind myself!!

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  1. cute denim!!!!
    aw.. i never got into dr who .
    i think maybe i should give it a try!
    everyone i know is on the dr who train.
    all aboard!

    we went to cricket today
    thought i would die.
    turns out i totally didnt.