Monday, August 1, 2005

where was I?

Well kids, guess this has been a busy week because I haven't posted in a while. BUT, this post includes muy exciting stuff...celebrities, beer, more celebrities, and humidity. :)

Ok, so we attended the Music City Brewer's Fest on Saturday and it was a great event for all who enjoy adult beverages with hops and what not. We tasted a Sweetwater Brewing Co. Blueberry beer that I definitely recommend. We also scored a free Amstel Light tent! Very exciting. BUT, the highlight of the night was seeing Kid Rock. Check out the Don's page on to see the Don and the Kid in a lovely picture together. Oh, and Don ALSO won a cool acoustic guitar from the Sam Ash Music tent. It was his lucky day!

So, the rest of the "celebrities" I promised includes my web design for Brad Paisley's new site was approved! Yea! I'll be sure to post a link when the site is live...don't worry, you won't have to wait too long because I found out today that it has to launch Friday!!!! CRazyness abounds at echomusic, but it's pretty fun to get to work on a site like Brad Paisley's. Very cool. Just hope I don't blow a gasket before Friday :) That could be ugly.

Happy August my friends...


  1. i'm gonna start wearing overalls without a shirt.

  2. does don know that his living room is home to the coach that jason proposed to me on? :)

  3. Actually, Don and I have the same couch! Funny, huh?