Friday, February 7, 2014

snow day and a little knitting

Sienna's first real snow day...and we've had fun tossing her in the air in her little green suit. We totally coordinated our snow gear :) Precious little bit.

Look at this one with her daddy. Oh my, sweetness. We've had such a fun day: played in the snow, ventured out for lunch and beers and got a lovely 2nd story view of the snow falling (again), dropped off homemade cookies at our friends' house, and snuggled up at home for naps, coffee and knitting. Chicken masala in the crockpot and wine chilling in the fridge for dinner tonight. I love you, snow days! (Only because we only have like 1 or 2 every year here!)

As for the knitting, I'm currently working on a Lacy Baktus scarf (finally!) using beautiful Freia Ombre yarn held with Malabrigo Lace weight in a browny gray. I'm having to adjust and cut the yarn so all of the ombre colors are represented, but it's turning out lovely so far. I will post more when it's done to show the effect of the color change.

Next up on the needles...Baby Surprise Jackets! Lots of babies are being born around here this year. Yay! They need knitting. I have at least 4 babies to knit for! I gotta get cracking. 

Gonna go for a snowy walk this weekend with a friend and her cute little gal, June. Should be fun! Knitting is also extra-fun when it's snowing outside. I'm looking forward to a snuggly couple of days! xo

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