Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trees and sequins

Here is our lovely Christmas tree...I have had loads of fun decorating it this year with birds and butterflies and sparkly fruit! Those birds better not eat the fruit 'til after Christmas though or else. Plus I don't know if birds should be eating sparklies anyway.

How to add some fullness to an otherwise thin-ish tree?? Gold-dipped flowers of course! I learned that from my mom. She always has a really tall, really lovely tree with giant poinsettias all over it. So beautiful.

Here is a fun, but time-consuming, ornament project. They turn out really beautifully but they do take a while to make. I'd suggest watching Season 3 of Buffy while making them and the time just flies! Yes, killing vampires is definitely festive.

All you need are: styrofoam balls, sequins, sequin pins (they're shorter!), and ribbon. Place the sequins all over the ball, overlapping them so you don't see any of the white styrofoam. My lovely friend Jill made some last week and I loved them! I put one on my mom's package because I know she loves sparkly things and will appreciate the sequins. Don't give these to anyone that doesn't like a little sparkle. That's the rule!


  1. Very pretty tree! And I love your sequin ornaments.

  2. yay tree!!!!
    lovely darlin!
    (mines 1/4 the size) heh heh heh
    smallllll house.