Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blue finches and ugly books

These are my new obsession...I must have 2 of them to live in my craft room! I was in Petsmart today and I usually skip the pet section because a) it's too tempting and b) I want to take all of the animals home so they don't have to live in the pet store. I'm not sure how I feel about owning birds, but these darn things are so freaking adorable and beautiful that I think I must save up some money to get 2. They like to be social. They are called Cordon Blue cute are they!!!??? I am almost dying because they are so cute. I really must consider them as new members of our household. I also fell in love with the tiny mice at the pet store too, but those might not get along too well with the dogs. The birdies can stay safe in their cages.

In addition to really lovely birdies today, I also saw a really scary knitting book. I already posted it on Twitter and FB, so you may have seen it, but whew, I may have nightmares about it. Sheesh. What is UP with the cat sculpture peeking over the lady's shoulder? I've been watching too much Doctor Who, but I'm just waiting for it to come alive and start gnawing on the sweater...yikes. I did find it at one of my favorite bookstores in Nashville though, McKay's Used Books. I found Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac there for $1.75! I didn't think you could buy any books for that cheap anymore, much less a book by the master queen of knitting. I also bought Pretty in Pink on DVD, as well as Anchorman and March of the Penguins. It was a great day for buying pre-loved stuff! I just finished watching Pretty in Pink and what a lovely movie that is...SO 80's and SO great!


  1. ah! ha ha ha ha ha ha
    maybe its a doberman dressed as a cat!?
    sooo funny
    that is sO BRIL about EZ book!
    how lucky are YOU!?

    alice starmore is teaching a class here
    in a few days.. and it was only 20 quid
    and i was too lazy and then late to sign
    up. what is wrong with me? ah


    you knittin?
    its the spirit of elizabeth!!!
    u nitin!
    u knitin!!!!!!!!!!!
    ok is it just me or is this insane?

  2. ah! i forgot to say
    i want to hold them and
    kiss them and put them
    on my shoulder and
    sing to them and give them
    hugs and spaghetti-Os
    and i would never
    give them gum
    you totally need to get them!!!!!!!!