Monday, January 16, 2006

Mrs. Sally Walker

One of my best friends in the world got married, last minute, on New Year's Day. She is Scottish and in order to stay in the country and not be apart from her fiance for 8 months awaiting a visa, they decided to go ahead and get married while she was already here visiting. It was the lovliest wedding ever and couldn't have been sweeter if they'd had months to plan it. It all came together in a matter of 2 days and was the neatest wedding ever. They are settling now in Savannah, GA while he finishes his Master's degree. I'm so excited that she gets to live in the U.S. again! Savannah is much easier to get to than Glasgow :) Here's a pic of me and the lovely bride. More photos of the wedding soon to be on my flickr page. (see icon to the right for a link).


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