Friday, October 18, 2013

fall, so far...and more on my favorite fashion blog

Ah, my favorite time of year! And with a precious nearly 5 month old, it's even better. We've been visiting my family in Arkansas for almost a month now and have been enjoying every minute. Here are some photos of the last couple of months.

Some fun photos from my brother's wedding!

This is Sienna and her cousin Evie! They are 7 weeks apart and have been having lots of fun cousin time.

This is Sienna and her other cousin, Averie. Oh. My. Goodness. The sweetness.

My best friend finally got to meet my Little Bit! Instant love.

We've had a seriously great time. Next week we are off to make the cross country drive, again. Wish us luck!

 A few months ago, while in full-fledged postpartum land, I thankfully came across this wonderful mama fashion blog, Ain't No Mom Jeans. I briefly shared about her last time. Shana is a strong, beautiful mama with a great fashion sense. She shares really doable fashion ideas for mamas (aka. things that hide the baby pooch) and the real, lovely story of her current battle with breast cancer. She is amazing. Please check out her blog. She inspired me not only to cut off some jeans, in a true homage to my 90's roots (see below), but also got me to finally bite the bullet and order these. We. Shall. See. I love them though and have been wanting some forever. See them styled here on Lucky Mag. I really think I'll live in them this winter. 

I'll attempt to add more fashion photos interspersed with baby pictures. Fall is so fun for fashion! I may have gone overboard a bit this year due to the postpartum slump, but that just means I have lots to work with :) Send your favorite fashion blogs along, too, or links to your favorite fall outfits. It's nice to have inspiration at this time in a mama's life. xoxo

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