Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sienna Wren Jansen ♥

Born Monday, May 20, @ 3:09pm, our little bundle weighed-in at 7lbs. 11oz., 21 inches long. We are besides ourselves and completely smitten. Here she is on our ride home from the hospital yesterday. We are happy, tired, and complete. Many more photos to come... :)

(She's modeling a few of the things I made for her: the crocheted turban and baby bird blanket out of vintage fabric I found. Crocheted Turban pattern here, yarn, Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in corsage).


  1. she's just perfect. love her name and love seeing her pics! and i wonder if you will write her birth story and share it here? i actually saw some of your husband's photos and teared up a little. looks like it was a lovely experience. sending lots of baby-moon love your way.

    1. Thank you dear! Yes, I do plan to write up my birth experience and post it here. I've written it up for Cassie, but I'd like to edit it down to a post and share it on this blog. It was SO wonderful for me to read other friends' experiences when I was pregnant. xoxo