Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Dates of Christmas

I have to say this is the cutest idea. Of course it comes from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess :) She is so wonderfully creative...thanks for sharing this adorable idea!!

Do you have any fun, unique Christmas/holiday traditions? I will share one that my brothers created. I wrote up a little bit about it for a Christmas swap I am doing through Ravelry...

In a galaxy, far far away, called Arkansas...there is a family. The mother of the family puts up a very fancy tree every year. It is adorned with golden grapes, angels, trumpets, and soft velvet ribbon cascades down every side. This tree is lovely to behold, but the brothers always felt like something was missing...until about 8 years ago when it dawned on them what it was...Darth Vader!

So each year they sneak up and carefully place this follower of the Dark Side on the mother's fancy tree. For many years, she didn't even know he was there, watching us open gifts, eyeing our delicious holiday feast...but now, she knows, and I think she sure would be sad if they ever forgot to add Darth to our Christmas.

Merry Holidays to everyone! I hope Santa brings you lots of lovely wool for Christmas! Enjoy your family and friends and cozy time knitting by the fire. That's what I plan to do! Thanks for stopping by...

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