Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas cowls

Christmas cowls
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So, I've been going to town making cowls this year for Christmas. It's a great quick project and I have loved wearing mine so much that I thought I'd share the gift with my family. It's nice to have a cowl because, unlike a scarf, it doesn't get in your way if you want to wear it around the house. It won't get in the cookie icing or hang in the dog food...but it will keep your neck nice and toasty!

In the pictured cowls, I have used the following yarns, from top right, clockwise: Rowan Big Wool (one skein plus a little), Crystal Palace Merino Frappe (1 skein), Classic Elite Desert (1.5 skeins), and again, Crystal Palace Merino Frappe (1 skein).

For the aran weight yarns I cast on about 80 stitches on a size 10 needle. For the Big Wool I cast on around 50 stitches on a size 19 needle. Just knit for about 8 inches or desired height. It's nice to have the ribbing on the larger yarns to bring it in around the neck some. This is a great way to use extra skeins and make a quick project that people will love!

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