Sunday, July 17, 2005

My dearest Johnny

Okay, so I DON'T get star struck and think it's silly when people go crazy over famous people, but Johnny Depp is a genius and a lovely man. He'd have to be to still be attractive as Willy Wonka. Please go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's brilliantly creative. I would recommend seeing it at the IMAX if you are able. Funny, quirky and so imaginative. It is totally worth the trip. I LOVE the old version of the movie, but this one tops it by leaps and bounds. Gotta give props to good ol' Tim B. too. He's also a genius and a weirdo, of the highest caliber. Have fun and enjoy the Harry Potter trailer too!


  1. i saw you getting silly over andrew firestone the other night. googly-eyed even.

  2. Whatever! That was Lisa. I barely recognized him. You're just trying to stir things up mister! I think you were the googly-eyed one. You asked me what his name was : )

  3. He's fantabulous eye-candy...