Monday, June 6, 2005

Summer in the South

SO, it's pretty hoat. Jes, it's hoat. But, what would we do all summer in Nashvegas if we couldn't sweat our feet off? Well, I don't know. Things are good though, finally graduated (again) and am working like a real person I guess. No more summer vacations and all that jazz. Just plugging along but enjoying the freedom from escuela.

...relaxing by the pool on the weekends and knitting at night after work. I've made some fun stuff lately like a scarf out of Vogue Knitting's latest magazine and a top from a Rowan Cotton Tape book. I will hopefully get around to updating the knitting portion of my site soon. I did however update the current events page tonight. Check it out here.

Wow, so I guess after the whole graduation craziness semester, things are pretty boring these days. I was blessed enough to already have found a job. Glad that stress was taken care of. Here's a site I just finished at work: She's a cool artist with some lovely collages.

Check out our graduating class's site here:

So, yeah, muy exciting, but wanted to update this bloggidy blogger. I hope someone comes to read it, but really, I'm just a computer nerd and really enjoy typing on my new PowerBook keyboard, so, it's all for selfish reasons that I'm making this post :) Tenga una buena noche amigos!

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