Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Woah...welcome to the world of blog???

Cool...never really done this, never even posted many comments, but here we go. This will be a nice way to keep in touch with pals from all over. Anyone who has tips on budgeting, cool knitting patterns/yarns, favorite fonts, cool graphic design sites, or anything artistic and interesting, please send them my way.

Somewhere along the way we have a journal that's making its way around the country (but mostly in NW Arkansas) that we're all contributing to. Everyone should start their own thing like that. It's hard with people moving, but it's a great way for women especially to share thoughts, talent, ideas, and goings-on. Okay, off to a knitting group "Stitch-N-Bitch." Welcome to my blog-- I'm really glad you're here!


  1. bienvenida chica... blogging is so very fun and is an easy way to have your very own website. hasta, amiga.

  2. Laura Darlin! Check out for some cool graphics. I have a confession...I've slept in my house under 10 days in the last five weeks, and I have the traveling scrapbook. I'm holding it ransom for a short while longer, but promise to scrap it up very me still?